Affordable tuition rates, for online Math / English / Accounting / Statistics / MBA / IGCSE teacher

Affordable tuition rates, for online Math / English / Accounting / Statistics / MBA / IGCSE teacher
Online tuition facility for Pakistani / Indian students living in Saudi Arab and need tuition from Pakistan / India.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

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Pakistan | online tutors, tutoring, online, tutor, learning, tuition, homework, help, study online, learn to speak, teacher, math, algebra, english. Ezee tutoring helps you in the preparation of IELTS test basically all we know it’s the world leading english test. IELTS is recognised by more than 7000 educational institutions in approximate more than 135 countries. People do IELTS & go to more places with IELTS.many students starts their successful journey by passing this test.So Ezee tutoring provides you the opportunity to learn online any subject you want and win the world.You don’t have to go any where Ezee tutoring have the professionals.

The Concept of Ezee tutoring was lauched in 2010 to introduce latest online techniques in tutoring. Ezee tutoring, the name has different aspects in it, E means elctronic, while tutoring covers online and home tutors elsewhere, in Ezee tutoring we are providing Indian and Pakistani tutors those are expert in their respective subjects mainly math and they are fluent in English. Ezee tutoring is not just limited to provide online or e tutors, it also covers home tuition facilities in major cities like Karachi and Mumbai. The concept of e tutoring is solving many problems including the gender in equality of male and female, because either you hire male tutor online or female it does not create much difference. One can enjoy the same level of satisfaction.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (abbreviated CBSE) is Indian Board of Education for private and public schools where teachers from the well known universities are teaching syllabus and making online papers.
In Pakistan gcse board is used widely apart from Agha Khan board whose teachers are easily available and have the same competency which is possessed by Federal Board in Pakistan. Gcse stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education.
In Ezee tutoring to make things simple and easy for online students we appreciate subject specialist like physics and Biology.
English teachers are in high demand may be because of three main reasons, number one Pakistan and India were the colonies of Britishers. This is one of the very important reason which ispropagated by the majority and people in these countries prfer English over their own home land language which is Urdu and Hindi respectively.
Ezee tutoring is a platform for online tutors from all over the world & provide all major aspects for online tutoring for private tutors. Ezee tutoring providing tutoring in all over the world. ezee tutoring provides help in assignment preparation. Ezee tutoring provide online tutors for science subjects. We have highly professional teachers for home tutoring also.
Math is very main subject, so we are providing home tutoring for that also. Online tutors are also available for mathematics. English is a universal language as all we know, we have highly qualified teachers for English. who can help you out how to speak & write English. Statistics is the subject in which we interpret the data, we have highly qualified teachers for that also.
You know medicines play very important role,we need medicines even if we have toothache problem so Ezee tutoring provide you assistance in all subjects of Doctor of Pharmacy which include hospital pharmacy which deal in the management of pharmacy of hospital. Ezee tutoring also provide online tutors for Pharmaceutical industry. Ezee tutoring is a platform for the subject of accounting also,we can provide home tutors for that also.We can also help you in assignment making. Physics is a subject deal with motion & study of matter we will help you out in understanding this subject also.So now you dont worry about the numerical problems because we have the solution.

Ezee tutoring also provide you help in CBSC (Central Board of Secondary Education). Indian government has recognized CBSC.CBSC is the exam held in India only,So we can also provide Indian tutors for that also.

Pakistan | GCSE, Accounting, Statistics, Online tuition in Pakistan, by Pakistani Teachers for Online Tuition in Pakistan

GCSE, Accounting, Statistics, Online tuition in Pakistan, by Pakistani Teachers for Online Tuition in Pakistan. GCSE, Accounting, Statistics, Online tuition. I have also read a study in which this was mention that female teacher is best for biology because girls are comfortable with her.Girls learnt biology best from female e tutor. Female e tutor teach in many ways that fit girls, they mostly use animated presentation, spreadsheet which attract girls a lot. Female E Tutor is best for biology because girls can easily learn from her & feel comfortable with their teaching style.I also want to include that if a girl study biology subject from male teacher, she can’t clear her concepts, she is hesitated by asking any questions but on the other she can easily ask every question from female tutor. Basically you know in our culture girls feel comfortable to study from a female E Tutor. Because a female E tutor can easily teach girls biology in very unique style which girls mostly like.

Female E tutor is best for biology because  have the desire to educate & act as role model for them.Female biology is very enthusiastic about the biology subject. So they can teach biology in very conceptual manner. If you see mostly females are very good in science that why they teach in a very esteem level, having strong concepts with strong interpersonal and organizational skills & they mostly use the digital learning tools & technologies which make girls more comfortable. They are creative, energetic and having patients so students likes that & feel more good in studying & learning with them.

Online Tuition in Pakistan and India

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